Energetic thérapy

The science of intent


The secret of energy therapy or distant healing is the science of intention.

One researcher, Elmer GREEN has demonstrated in his research that an enormous electrostatic energy emission occurs during the healing process. When a person is simply standing breathing and heartbeats produce 10 to 15 millivolts electrostatic energy according to EEG amplifiers. During activities requiring sustained attention, such as meditation, we have peaks of 3 volts.
In the practice of distant healing studied by GREEN, peak voltage can reach 190 volts.

William Tiller The physicist William Tiller, Stanford University, has produced an ingenious device for measuring the energy generated by distant healing. Tiller discovered that during the concentration at a distance healing work, thoughts directed create a measurable physical energy, no matter the distance.

Scwartz made several studies that did demonstrate an intention directed to manifests as both an electrostatic and magnetic energy. But he also found an express intention, it's a bit like playing the piano: you must learn to do it and some people do better than others.

Docteur Daniel Benor The enormous volume of scientific data on distant healing compiled by Dr Daniel Benor shows that thoughts are likely to exert powerful effects on any living being.