Why is Osteopathy ?

Human Osteopathy.

Ostéopathie pour l'homme "The role of osteopathy is to renew the mobility of the tissues with a view to restoring bodily functions and contributing to improving the patient's health.
This intervention is achieved by a variety of manual techniques which vary depending on the osteopath's training and his convictions ."


Animal Osteopathy.

L'otéopathie animale "Equine osteopathy, similar to canine osteopathy, is based on the same principles as human osteopathy. The osteopath will renew mobility, freeing joints that are "not functioning properly". Frequently, a slight restoration of the balance in the afflicted area is all that is needed to restore mobility, improving vascularization and favouring metabolic exchange. The osteopath must also consider the body as a "unit" and be capable of connecting all its parts, as much in relation to various regions (head, thorax, pelvis, limbs, etc.) as to tissues (bones, muscle organs, vessels, etc.). Manual techniques enable the restoration of the balance of the various parts of the animal lacking mobility making it feel better and thereby improving its performance."

Def : Ostéopathy

"Essentially, it is based on manual techniques that aim to conserve or restore tissue mobility providing physical, psychological and energetic well-being."